Our warehouse staff is still here...

Our warehouse staff is still here...

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All orders and shipping from our warehouse in Viborg, Denmark are handled as usual.

We are all affected one way or the other by the current situation coursed by the Corona virus. Each country deals with the situation differently, but all take the situation very seriously and this is a difficult situation no matter where. As your cooperation partner, we wish to inform you about the situation in Danmark and at TEFCOLD.

Based on the general recommendations issued from the Danish Government all TEFCOLD employees that have the possibility to do so, will work from home at least until April 14th. However, our warehouse staff is still working on getting orders out of the door and on route to our customers.


What are the effects?

In general, as little as possible.  

We take safety of our staff very seriously and taking all recommended precautions, but we are ready to serve customers both by e-mail and phone and keep our warehouse open and ready to handle orders.

- All direct phone lines to Area Sales Managers at TEFCOLD are set up to be redirected to the Area Managers mobile phone and all calls direct or to mobile phone will be handled as usual. Just leave a message if the phone line is busy, and the contact will get back to you as soon as possible.
- All e-mails to contact persons / teams at TEFCOLD with questions, orders, request, quotations, confirmations, deliveries etc will be handled as usual.
- All orders and shipping from our warehouse in Viborg, Denmark, will be handled as usual as our warehouse staff are still processing all orders and loadings.
- TEFCOLD personnel are not going travel abroad for meetings before earliest April 14th, and we do recommend that all personal meetings are held via Skype or other audio/video media
- We do not accept any request for personal meetings at TEFCOLD office until further notice but are of course ready to meet with you via Skype or other audio/video media.

We do ask for your understanding in case some of our processes and answers could take a little longer than normal. We will do our outmost and work hard to reduce any effects and consequences for all valued TEFCOLD customers.


Best Regards



Jesper Kirkeby Hansen