5 energy saving tips for commercial coolers/freezers

5 energy saving tips for commercial coolers/freezers

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As we all know, energy consumption is a huge concern right now with the rising energy prices. We have therefore asked our technical department for their best advice on minimizing the energy consumption of commercial coolers/freezers – here are their thoughts.


1. Defrost

To defrost your freezer can be a time-consuming task, but it is also effective when it comes to saving energy. If ice is allowed to build up inside the freezer over a period of time, the freezer will spend unnecessary energy on maintaining the chosen temperature of the cabinet.


2. Clean condenser coils

Make sure that your cooler/freezer is dust-free, especially the condenser coils. This will help optimize the heat transfer within the system and thereby use less energy. It does not take long to clean and it can actually help you avoid service charges as well, as this is often the problem, when customers experience that their cooler does not work properly.


3. Ensure a good airflow

Check to see that there is nothing interrupting the airflow circulation surrounding the cabinet, as this can otherwise cause wasted energy. It is also important not to overload the cabinet and respect the load lines for the cold air to flow freely around the products.


4. Book a yearly maintenance

Like you take your car to the mechanics every 10.000 km or so for a check-up, so should you with your cooler/freezer. This will ensure that everything is functional and running smoothly – and thereby using the least amount of energy.


5. Adjust the temperature setting

Make sure that the cabinet is set to the correct temperature for the products in it. If you are storing fresh meat or dairy products, it will in most countries need to be at a temperature below 5°C, but if you are storing beverages, you can easily turn the temperature up 1-2 degrees. If you choose the appropriate temperature setting, the cabinet will use less energy.